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Nikki May


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Format: Hardback
Length: 384 pages
Publication date: 6 January 2022
Publisher: Transworld Publishers

Sex and the City with a killer edge for fans of QueenieExpectation and My Sister, The Serial Killer.

Soon to be a major BBC TV serial

'Funny, shocking, unputdownable. I loved it' - PAULA HAWKINS

'Witty, tense and addictive' - ABIGAIL DEAN, Author of GIRL A

'Terrific. Nikki May writes so well about friendship, food, fashion and the many ways modern women can stumble in their careers and personal lives' - CLARE CHAMBERS

Ronke, Simi, Boo are three mixed-race friends living in London.

They have the gift of two cultures, Nigerian and English. Not all of them choose to see it that way. Everyday racism has never held them back, but now in their thirties, they question their future.

Ronke wants a husband (he must be Nigerian); Boo enjoys (correction: endures) stay-at-home motherhood; while Simi, full of fashion career dreams, rolls her eyes as her boss refers to her urban vibe yet again. When Isobel, a lethally glamorous friend from their past arrives in town, she is determined to fix their futures for them. Cracks in their friendship begin to appear, and it is soon obvious Isobel is not sorting but wrecking.

When she is driven to a terrible act, the women are forced to reckon with a crime in their past that may just have repeated itself. Explosive, hilarious and wildly entertaining, this razor-sharp tale of love, race and family will have you laughing, crying and gasping in horror. Fearlessly political about class, colourism and clothes, the spellbinding Wahala is for anyone who has ever cherished friendship, in all its forms.



'This book is absolute fire. I could not put it down. Fantastically written, the story is so engaging and tense. Sexy, dark, addictive. What an incredible novel' *****

Reader reviews

'Dark and addictive with a surprising twist (that i won't give away!) and Nikki's writing is completely flawless' *****

'I couldn't believe it was a debut. I couldn't put it down. Nikki May has written a fantastic story of friendship, revenge and jealousy' *****

'Wonderful characters with plenty of rich and vibrant detail of their shared culture from hair to food' *****

'A fabulous depiction of female friendship, with a surprisingly dark twist' *****

Authors love WAHALA too:

'Funny, tragic, piercing portrait of modern women and friendship written in glittering and discerning prose' - EMMA STONEX

'Sharp, precise, unapologetic, modern. In one word, Exquisite!' - Lola Akinmade Akerstroem, author of IN EVERY MIRROR SHE'S BLACK

'I have a feeling this book is going to be huge' MARIANNE CRONIN, author of THE ONE HUNDRED YEARS OF LENNI AND MARGOT

'Fantastic! Brilliant writing about food and friendship. I was left wanting more' - SARAH PEARSE, author of THE SANATORIUM

'Love that 'Sex and the City' has finally met moi-moi and plantain with a whole lot of Wahala thrown in' - ROSANNA AMAKA

Weight: 492g
Dimension: 226 x 145 x 38 (mm)
ISBN-13: 9780857527783

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